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About Dr Rose-Marie Daly


Dr Rose-Marie Daly qualified in University College Cork and worked in private practice, community dentistry and the Dublin Dental Hospital before seeking specialty training in Paediatric Dentistry in Leeds in the UK. She obtained a Specialist Membership in Paediatric Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and a Fellowship in Paediatric Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2009. Her masters research won awards from the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry. Her research evaluated the relationship between Glycaemic Index of carbohydrates and dental caries and childhood obesity and dental caries. In 2015 Dr Daly was awarded a Master of Law in Medical Law and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation examined oral health care in Ireland in relation to the compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).



Dr Rose-Marie Daly established Rose-Marie Dentistry for Children in 2018. Her practice offers a bespoke service for children, providing comprehensive dental care from infancy through to adolescence. Her special interests include the management of dental disease in early childhood, dental developmental defects in primary and permanent teeth (weak teeth), preventive and non-invasive dental care, interceptive and preventive orthodontic care, behavioural acclimatisation for anxious, phobic, and pre-cooperative children, treatment of tongue ties and dental trauma management in growing patients.

She also collaborates closely with her sister practice, Northern Cross Dental where she and her brother and Orthodontist, Dr Kieran Daly to provide preventive orthodontic treatment for growing children and multidisciplinary coordinated planning and treatment for complex cases. The practices are located side by side and she and her brother love share their expertise, passion for their specialities and knowledge to achieve exceptional outcomes for their patients.

She is past president of the Kerry Branch of the Irish Dental Association, was an active Council Member of the Irish Dental Association for many years and has chaired the Public Affairs and Public Relations Committee of the Irish Dental Association.

She believes strongly that many dental problems for children can be prevented with the right education for parents and that children deserve high quality dental care, delivered in a way they find acceptable. She aims to develop lifelong positive attitudes to oral health for her patients and knows that when the right attitudes are nurtured early on, children can really enjoy their dental visits and learn about oral health in a positive way.

Dr Daly is a passionate advocate for paediatric oral health in Ireland and has written numerous syndicated articles helping parents understand the importance of oral health, preventive care, and early visits for children. She regularly lectures on paediatric oral health topics for health care professionals. She travels internationally to American, European and international society meetings to ensure she is always bringing the most current evidence to her work at the practice.

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Why Baby Teeth are Important


Key benefits of healthy teeth in childhood:

  • Attractive smiles will give children more confidence

  • Good, healthy teeth mean less toothache, less fillings and less extractions

  • Children need strong teeth for a nutritious diet

  • Teeth aid the development of speech

  • Good dental growth and development need healthy teeth and gums

  • Preserving primary teeth helps prevent orthodontic problems

  • Adult teeth are more likely to be decay free if a child has good baby teeth

  • The fillings and extractions children have, the less likely they are to develop anxiety or fear which will affect them in later life

  • Good oral health prevents toothache. Toothache reduces a child’s quality of life, by interfering with sleep, eating, and schooling

  • Healthy teeth help avoid bad breath

  • A healthy mouth is necessary for good general health and wellbeing in childhood

  • Saves parents time and money

  • Prevents unnecessary exposure to general anaesthetic and hospitals



What should I expect at the first dental visit?

We will send you a welcome pack in advance of your visit with some helpful hints on how to prepare your child. At your first dental visit, we aim to get to know you and your child in a relaxed way.

We carry out a full assessment of your child's dental experience to date, medical and dental history. Your child's mouth will be examined. If x-rays are required we will take them on the day. An outline of the treatment requirements and plan will be discussed at the consultation and a report of the treatment plan and quotation will be emailed to you after the visit.  We will also explain to your child in an age-appropriate manner what will occur at the next dental visit.

Contact us for more details.

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What People Say


Sandrine Brassil

Kerry’s loss is Dublin’s gain !! How fortunate we as a family were to be able to attend with Dentist Rosemary 4 years ago in Tralee . My son Hugh required complex dental treatments and post operative care under Rosemarys care . The empathy she showed throughout was truly remarkable both to Hugh and myself . Many phone calls were exchanged over weekends she always answered the calls even when on a mountain top or sailing , Rosemary was always there to take my call . Hugh continues to see Rosemary every six months in Dublin , we look forward to our trips immensely ...


Jason Orchard

Excellent service. Excellent advice. Wonderful staff. Our daughter has been a patient of Dr Daly for over 10 years. Her complicated medical and sensory issues were never a problem for Dr Daly. The rapport she has with my daughter is wonderful. She trusts Dr Daly fully, as do I, and looks forward to her appointments. I have no hesitation in recommending northern cross dentistry for children and Dr Daly herself. We live in cork and are more than happy to travel to dublin for Dr Dalys knowledge, experience and compassion



My son Finn is a different child since he has been attending Dr. Daly. The care, attention and compassion she has shown him is nothing short of first class. From being a child who was terrified to step inside a dentist, to now being able to go in and follow her instructions calmly and without any upset. Going to the dentist previously was a nighmare and stressful for everyone. We got such excellent advice from her as well for maintaining his teeth. Worth every cent. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Dr. Daly. We followed her advice and Finn is now so much happier and takes care of his teeth every day.

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